The Best Online Piano Course

Anyone can play pianoNothing beats the feeling of sitting down with friends, family, or strangers and having everyone sing along to a song that YOU are playing. The piano is one of the most beautiful sounding instruments around and often playing it seems too difficult or we think it requires years of practice and study just to play a simple song. Not true! Playing the piano is actually very easy…as long as you remember that you are “playing”. Make it fun and you’ll pick it up in no time!

The biggest hurdle to playing piano is the belief that you can’t play piano. Nonsense!

So many people defeat themselves before they even begin because they get overwhelmed by the amount of keys, the sheet music looks too complicated, or they have no experience with music. Let me tell you from experience…None of these things matter. You can play piano if you decide that you can!

Even though it might seem complicated at first glance, the key to playing piano is to have fun with it! Remember that you are playing for the joy of playing, not to impress others (though you definitely WILL if you play for the love of it).

When I first sat down to a piano years ago the first thing that I thought was “dear god, I don’t know one note from another“. To be honest, I gave up quickly afterwards and convinced myself that it was beyond my ability to understand. I was wrong (and if you think this, you are too).

The trick to learning piano notes is not to think about them too much. You will learn as you go along, don’t bog yourself down with memorization. Just play!

Remember that the quickest way to learn something is through repitition.

Remember that the quickest way to learn something is through repitition.

Remember that the quickest way to learn something is through repitition. (easy enough, eh?)

Learning Piano today isn’t like it used to be, computers have changed things a lot and you can use this to your advantage. There are some great piano games out there (or “learn piano software”) that will guide you through some of the most important lessons without any effort at all.

Here are some of the things these games will help you with.

  • learn sheet music for piano
  • how to identify flats and sharps on the piano
  • fingering techniques

And best of all, you will learn these lessons through Fun and Repitition! (what’s the quickest way to learn something again?)

Once you’ve decided you want to play, the next step is finding the best online piano course that teaches you to not only play a song, but enjoy the song while you play it.

Like I said, I gave up on Piano really quickly for no good reason at all. For years, every time I would see a piano, I would regret the decision. I wanted to play, I just refused to think I could play. Let me tell you what changed my mind.

The Rocket Piano Course

This course is just as good as having your own personal piano teacher (I think it’s better, actually). All the information you need and fun ways to learn!

  • 218 step-by-step lessons (from beginner to advanced)

  • 133 Audio Files to learn from, listen to, and play along to

  • 57 Video Lessons (See how it’s done and do it yourself!)

  • 3 Computer Games to help you learn the basics while having fun and trying to improve on your personal best! (no competition or tests, just play!)

I really wanted to learn how to play Jazz Piano and this course taught me! Now I sit and jam with my friends all the time. I’ve even started learning how to play Gospel Piano (which sounds just beautiful). On top of all this you even get 2 books on Advanced Learning Techniques and how to Perfect Your Pitch.

This course is the ultimate fast track to learning piano and, more importantly, remembering to have fun! After all, playing shouldn’t be hard.

Not convinced? Sign up for the FREE 6 part e-course and learn to play 4 COMPLETE SONGS in no time! By the end of this e-course you’ll

  • have a working knowledge of chords

  • you’ll know the fundamentals of piano

  • you’ll be comfortable with 4 basic and important hand positions

  • you’ll get to experience how easy it is to Play Piano through their Fun Learning Game

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