How to Get Better Gas Mileage

You can cut your gas costs in half RIGHT NOW!

We all want to know how to get better gas mileage. The price of oil is rising by the day and better gas mileage is becoming a necessity. At nearly $140 per Barrel it won’t be long until we’re canceling the trips to the cottage to save for tonight’s meal.

Common Sense Always Helps

  • Resist Speeding – After your car passes a certain speed limit it becomes inefficient and wastes fuel. Stay below 60 Mph or you’ll be paying for it at the pumps.
  • If you’re parked, turn off the car – Idling your car is obviously a waste of gas. I know that normally we don’t think about it, but if you want to stretch that gas dollar it is time to start paying attention.
  • Relax – Slow Down. Speeding, passing excessively, and quick stops can often use more gas than if you were taking your time and enjoying the ride (and the savings).

At the Pump

  • Show up early – In the winter especially. Try to gas up early in the morning, the gas will warm throughout the day and expand…giving you much better gas mileage.
  • Take your time – At the pump we want to squeeze that trigger as hard as we can and be on our way. Pumping the Gas as fast as possible puts more fumes than fuel in your tank. Squeeze the trigger gently…there are 3 settings on it. Slow, Medium, and Waste my Gas. Pump on Slow and you’ll get more.

Following the above tips will help you get better gas mileage. What these tips won’t do is lower the price of gas. Inflation and the short supply of oil will always make driving expensive and it will be harder and harder to get better gas mileage, even using common sense. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a fuel available that was not in such short supply?

There is. HHO Gas.

What is HHO Gas? HHO Gas (or Oxyhydrogen) is the byproduct of applying electrolysis to H2O. This gas has been used in Industry for years as fuel for High-intensity torches (which burn at 1800 degrees!). This technology has now been modified to be used in your vehicle and it’s quickly becoming popular.

Why is it so popular? Simple. You get double the mileage (remember the good ol’ days of $70 per barrel?), your car runs better (because the carbon deposits are cleared out of your engine), you lower your emission levels (which is becoming very important), and the conversion does not require ANY major modifications to your engine or onboard computer. This conversion lets you run your car on regular Gasoline AND HHO Gas.

Major automotive companies are not very happy about this technology because it only costs $60-$100 in common auto parts and a few hours of your time. There is no profit for them so they are not going to tell you.

No need to buy ethanol, no need to pay thousands of dollars on a hybrid. Get better gas mileage (50-60%) and take that trip to the cottage guilt free. Like I said, common sense.

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