How to Publish Electronic Books

It amazes me how much people know. Really, in your entire lifetime you have learned a great deal. We don’t usually get to just sit down and verbally “think things out” though, the world being as fast-paced as it is. We talk to each other on the phone or through text, meet for a brief coffee or lunch, but we don’t truly communicate anymore.

Imagine all the people out there and what they know, what they have also learned in their lifetimes. If we could communicate all that we know we would grow collectively. Humanity as a whole would be better off. This is why learning how to publish electonic books is such an amazing thing.

It used to be that if you had the urge to sit down and actually write out all of what you know (or at least a well thought out portion) and try to get it published, it would be scrutinized, judged, tested for profitability, etc; and that’s assuming it even makes it past the secretary. You would spend hours perfecting your cover letter, hundreds of dollars copying and mailing your manuscript, and inevitably be lucky to get a refusal letter. Electonic books ended all of that.

Benefits of Elecronic Books

  • You don’t need the approval of an Agent or Publisher
  • You can create the book yourself using your original Word Processor Manuscript
  • Once created, your book hits the public as soon as you list it
  • You share what you know and get rewarded by people who wanted to know it

What should you write about?

The key to writing an electronic book is just diving right into it. There is a topic that is always somewhere near the front of your thoughts. You love this topic and have spent a great deal of time thinking about it. Get it on your word processor. Just keep typing and don’t over analyze spelling or grammar. Remember, there is a spell check and grammar editor in most word processors (I use microsoft word).

Before you know it you’ll be done your electronic book. It doesn’t have to be hundreds of pages, I recently read a perfectly good 90 page ebook at One Being. The book is completely relevant to the site and intrigues the reader into further exploration of the content. Marketed properly this electronic book could have been sold but was used instead for site-promotion (or thought promotion).

Creating your Electronic Book

You have a few options when you get to this point that you should consider. It’s easy to find yourself a cheap or even free software download that will convert your doc file (word) into a pdf (portable document format).  Just type into google “free doc to pdf converter”. These free programs are pretty limited though and you should use them just for free promotional books if possible. If you are considering putting your Electronic Book online for mass selling then you need a little investment. Getting yourself a good Ebook Compiler gives will help you create a professionally published ebook, complete with its own unique serial number (ESBN) and cover.

Selling your Electronic Book

There are a lot of avenues you can take on the internet. If you’re looking to start selling your ebook for no investment then you should visit The disadvantage of lulu is that you have to promote your electronic book yourself. There are free ways to do the promotion as well and they are very effective, visit “Write Articles Make Money” for some good tips on article marketing.

If you don’t mind an initial investment for promoting your electronic book then you are going to have a much simpler time of getting it into the public spotlight. There are two main things you want to focus on.

  • Exposure – You want to have your ebook shown on as many high-traffic and high quality websites as possible.
  • Getting other people to Sell you electronic Book – You want to have affiliates also trying to sell your ebook.

There are a few really good programs out there for getting exposure. Ebook-o-matic is very good and instantly puts your electronic book on a growing network of over 20 retail ebook sites including:,,, and It also includes Ebook Compiler software to get you ready to go in no time. Visit “Write, Publish, and Sell your Ebook” for a review.

Getting people to sell your ebook online is the best part of learning how to publish electronic books. Clickbank has thousands of hungry and talented affiliates who would love to find a purchaser for your book. These affiliates make a percentage of your purchase price (which you determine) and the purchaser gets your electronic book. Everyone is happy.

Is it worth it?

Now you know how to publish electronic books, deciding whether or not it’s worth it is up to you. If you enjoy writing and you really want to do this, yes its worth it. The chance to just sit down and write your own book is more than enough to make this project worthwhile. Is it worth it financially? Absolutely.

It doesn’t matter whether you take the free or paid route to publishing your ebook, you will get back much more than you put in. Share what you know and humanity will reward you for it.

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