Repair a Scratched DVD quickly and easily

I’ve looked all around the internet for information on how to get a scratch out of my DVDs, CDs, and PS2 Games and most of the suggestions out there don’t work (or only work for a very short time). Recently I stumbled across the idea of using toothpaste in order to polish the DVD and make the scratches appear more shallow to the DVD player.

This method works very well and I’ve used it to fix quite a few DVD’s. See 2 Ways to Repair a Scratched DVD for more information on the toothpaste method.


How to Publish Electronic Books

It amazes me how much people know. Really, in your entire lifetime you have learned a great deal. We don’t usually get to just sit down and verbally “think things out” though, the world being as fast-paced as it is. We talk to each other on the phone or through text, meet for a brief coffee or lunch, but we don’t truly communicate anymore.

Imagine all the people out there and what they know, what they have also learned in their lifetimes. If we could communicate all that we know we would grow collectively. Humanity as a whole would be better off. This is why learning how to publish electonic books is such an amazing thing.

It used to be that if you had the urge to sit down and actually write out all of what you know (or at least a well thought out portion) and try to get it published, it would be scrutinized, judged, tested for profitability, etc; and that’s assuming it even makes it past the secretary. You would spend hours perfecting your cover letter, hundreds of dollars copying and mailing your manuscript, and inevitably be lucky to get a refusal letter. Electonic books ended all of that.

Benefits of Elecronic Books

  • You don’t need the approval of an Agent or Publisher
  • You can create the book yourself using your original Word Processor Manuscript
  • Once created, your book hits the public as soon as you list it
  • You share what you know and get rewarded by people who wanted to know it

What should you write about?

The key to writing an electronic book is just diving right into it. There is a topic that is always somewhere near the front of your thoughts. You love this topic and have spent a great deal of time thinking about it. Get it on your word processor. Just keep typing and don’t over analyze spelling or grammar. Remember, there is a spell check and grammar editor in most word processors (I use microsoft word).

Before you know it you’ll be done your electronic book. It doesn’t have to be hundreds of pages, I recently read a perfectly good 90 page ebook at One Being. The book is completely relevant to the site and intrigues the reader into further exploration of the content. Marketed properly this electronic book could have been sold but was used instead for site-promotion (or thought promotion).

Creating your Electronic Book

You have a few options when you get to this point that you should consider. It’s easy to find yourself a cheap or even free software download that will convert your doc file (word) into a pdf (portable document format).  Just type into google “free doc to pdf converter”. These free programs are pretty limited though and you should use them just for free promotional books if possible. If you are considering putting your Electronic Book online for mass selling then you need a little investment. Getting yourself a good Ebook Compiler gives will help you create a professionally published ebook, complete with its own unique serial number (ESBN) and cover.

Selling your Electronic Book

There are a lot of avenues you can take on the internet. If you’re looking to start selling your ebook for no investment then you should visit The disadvantage of lulu is that you have to promote your electronic book yourself. There are free ways to do the promotion as well and they are very effective, visit “Write Articles Make Money” for some good tips on article marketing.

If you don’t mind an initial investment for promoting your electronic book then you are going to have a much simpler time of getting it into the public spotlight. There are two main things you want to focus on.

  • Exposure – You want to have your ebook shown on as many high-traffic and high quality websites as possible.
  • Getting other people to Sell you electronic Book – You want to have affiliates also trying to sell your ebook.

There are a few really good programs out there for getting exposure. Ebook-o-matic is very good and instantly puts your electronic book on a growing network of over 20 retail ebook sites including:,,, and It also includes Ebook Compiler software to get you ready to go in no time. Visit “Write, Publish, and Sell your Ebook” for a review.

Getting people to sell your ebook online is the best part of learning how to publish electronic books. Clickbank has thousands of hungry and talented affiliates who would love to find a purchaser for your book. These affiliates make a percentage of your purchase price (which you determine) and the purchaser gets your electronic book. Everyone is happy.

Is it worth it?

Now you know how to publish electronic books, deciding whether or not it’s worth it is up to you. If you enjoy writing and you really want to do this, yes its worth it. The chance to just sit down and write your own book is more than enough to make this project worthwhile. Is it worth it financially? Absolutely.

It doesn’t matter whether you take the free or paid route to publishing your ebook, you will get back much more than you put in. Share what you know and humanity will reward you for it.

The Best Online Piano Course

Anyone can play pianoNothing beats the feeling of sitting down with friends, family, or strangers and having everyone sing along to a song that YOU are playing. The piano is one of the most beautiful sounding instruments around and often playing it seems too difficult or we think it requires years of practice and study just to play a simple song. Not true! Playing the piano is actually very easy…as long as you remember that you are “playing”. Make it fun and you’ll pick it up in no time!

The biggest hurdle to playing piano is the belief that you can’t play piano. Nonsense!

So many people defeat themselves before they even begin because they get overwhelmed by the amount of keys, the sheet music looks too complicated, or they have no experience with music. Let me tell you from experience…None of these things matter. You can play piano if you decide that you can!

Even though it might seem complicated at first glance, the key to playing piano is to have fun with it! Remember that you are playing for the joy of playing, not to impress others (though you definitely WILL if you play for the love of it).

When I first sat down to a piano years ago the first thing that I thought was “dear god, I don’t know one note from another“. To be honest, I gave up quickly afterwards and convinced myself that it was beyond my ability to understand. I was wrong (and if you think this, you are too).

The trick to learning piano notes is not to think about them too much. You will learn as you go along, don’t bog yourself down with memorization. Just play!

Remember that the quickest way to learn something is through repitition.

Remember that the quickest way to learn something is through repitition.

Remember that the quickest way to learn something is through repitition. (easy enough, eh?)

Learning Piano today isn’t like it used to be, computers have changed things a lot and you can use this to your advantage. There are some great piano games out there (or “learn piano software”) that will guide you through some of the most important lessons without any effort at all.

Here are some of the things these games will help you with.

  • learn sheet music for piano
  • how to identify flats and sharps on the piano
  • fingering techniques

And best of all, you will learn these lessons through Fun and Repitition! (what’s the quickest way to learn something again?)

Once you’ve decided you want to play, the next step is finding the best online piano course that teaches you to not only play a song, but enjoy the song while you play it.

Like I said, I gave up on Piano really quickly for no good reason at all. For years, every time I would see a piano, I would regret the decision. I wanted to play, I just refused to think I could play. Let me tell you what changed my mind.

The Rocket Piano Course

This course is just as good as having your own personal piano teacher (I think it’s better, actually). All the information you need and fun ways to learn!

  • 218 step-by-step lessons (from beginner to advanced)

  • 133 Audio Files to learn from, listen to, and play along to

  • 57 Video Lessons (See how it’s done and do it yourself!)

  • 3 Computer Games to help you learn the basics while having fun and trying to improve on your personal best! (no competition or tests, just play!)

I really wanted to learn how to play Jazz Piano and this course taught me! Now I sit and jam with my friends all the time. I’ve even started learning how to play Gospel Piano (which sounds just beautiful). On top of all this you even get 2 books on Advanced Learning Techniques and how to Perfect Your Pitch.

This course is the ultimate fast track to learning piano and, more importantly, remembering to have fun! After all, playing shouldn’t be hard.

Not convinced? Sign up for the FREE 6 part e-course and learn to play 4 COMPLETE SONGS in no time! By the end of this e-course you’ll

  • have a working knowledge of chords

  • you’ll know the fundamentals of piano

  • you’ll be comfortable with 4 basic and important hand positions

  • you’ll get to experience how easy it is to Play Piano through their Fun Learning Game

Click here and start having fun Playing the Piano Now!

Secure Income System Review

There are so many programs out there offering to teach you how to make millions that it is hard to find the legitimate ones and hard to find the real winners. So often we wish we could actually talk to the person who creates these programs. Hear their voice, their tone, their sincerity.

One of the biggest problems people have with many of the “How to Make Money” programs is that half way through the e-book they give in to their doubt. Like it or not, a voice full of confidence would be a great help while trying to make your living on the internet. Bryan Winn, a man who started out as a cashier and worked his way through all the bogus programs out there, is solving this problem.

The Secure Income System is designed to be a course where you CAN hear the reassuring voice of experience. With 24/7 support no less! These videos will take you through the basics where you will learn the necessity of multiple streams of income, and then on to the real meat where you create an income system that is completely automated.
The basics include video lessons about the tools you will need to get started with affiliate marketing, tips on article writing, help in learning to find profitable products, and other details that are often fatally missed.
This guy is serious when he says he wants to help people. The amount of Bonus features to this program is staggering. New videos, reports, ebooks, strategies, and techniques added every month, as well as an online forum to talk to Winn himself and other entrepreneurs like yourself.
The biggest problem we have with getting started on the internet is the lack of experience. This gives us the chance to both see and hear the voice of experience and a man who actually made it all work.

Videos, lessons, and experience! Bryan Winn’s Millionaire League Reveals all the Tricks that Work. Click here.

How to Get Better Gas Mileage

You can cut your gas costs in half RIGHT NOW!

We all want to know how to get better gas mileage. The price of oil is rising by the day and better gas mileage is becoming a necessity. At nearly $140 per Barrel it won’t be long until we’re canceling the trips to the cottage to save for tonight’s meal.

Common Sense Always Helps

  • Resist Speeding – After your car passes a certain speed limit it becomes inefficient and wastes fuel. Stay below 60 Mph or you’ll be paying for it at the pumps.
  • If you’re parked, turn off the car – Idling your car is obviously a waste of gas. I know that normally we don’t think about it, but if you want to stretch that gas dollar it is time to start paying attention.
  • Relax – Slow Down. Speeding, passing excessively, and quick stops can often use more gas than if you were taking your time and enjoying the ride (and the savings).

At the Pump

  • Show up early – In the winter especially. Try to gas up early in the morning, the gas will warm throughout the day and expand…giving you much better gas mileage.
  • Take your time – At the pump we want to squeeze that trigger as hard as we can and be on our way. Pumping the Gas as fast as possible puts more fumes than fuel in your tank. Squeeze the trigger gently…there are 3 settings on it. Slow, Medium, and Waste my Gas. Pump on Slow and you’ll get more.

Following the above tips will help you get better gas mileage. What these tips won’t do is lower the price of gas. Inflation and the short supply of oil will always make driving expensive and it will be harder and harder to get better gas mileage, even using common sense. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a fuel available that was not in such short supply?

There is. HHO Gas.

What is HHO Gas? HHO Gas (or Oxyhydrogen) is the byproduct of applying electrolysis to H2O. This gas has been used in Industry for years as fuel for High-intensity torches (which burn at 1800 degrees!). This technology has now been modified to be used in your vehicle and it’s quickly becoming popular.

Why is it so popular? Simple. You get double the mileage (remember the good ol’ days of $70 per barrel?), your car runs better (because the carbon deposits are cleared out of your engine), you lower your emission levels (which is becoming very important), and the conversion does not require ANY major modifications to your engine or onboard computer. This conversion lets you run your car on regular Gasoline AND HHO Gas.

Major automotive companies are not very happy about this technology because it only costs $60-$100 in common auto parts and a few hours of your time. There is no profit for them so they are not going to tell you.

No need to buy ethanol, no need to pay thousands of dollars on a hybrid. Get better gas mileage (50-60%) and take that trip to the cottage guilt free. Like I said, common sense.

Worried about your Warranty and the HHO Conversion? No Problem! Get your BONUS 27 Page report on protecting your warranty and a 7 DAY E-Course FREE!

You can cut your gas costs in half. Click here to find out how.